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Making Hippie Pants in Honduras

Last year while living in Thailand I decided to import a bunch of harem/alibaba style hippie pants back with me. After almost completely clearing out the 50+ pairs I had brought back, I decided to use the last couple pairs as samples to make new ones with.

I wasn’t in Asia anymore but I figured some skilled craftsman (or woman) could help me make some more awesome pants to spread around the Americas. Thanks to a friend in Honduras, I met Delcia. We picked out the materials together and she did a stellar job making the new pants based on the Thai styles I had.

While I was at Delcia’s shop, I took the opportunity to make some portraits for her family and a couple others who were hanging around.


All pants are available for sale on www.hippievanman.com/shop

Panama City, Panama

I was driving around Panama City, Panama, photographing the buildings and graffiti. I ended up in a neighborhood, which I later learned was one of the most dangerous in Panama.

Within 30 seconds of stopping my car and getting out, two police officers walked up to me and told me, to get back in my car and leave, because the area was too dangerous.

I persuaded them to let me take a couple photos before leaving. They actually radioed for backup and within 2 minutes,two more officers arrived.

I took a few shots of the graffiti and some local kids playing soccer. A Panamanian woman walked up to me and started chatting with me. I decided to make a few portraits for her before leaving.


First Developing Nations Shoot on My Pan-American Road Trip, Juayua, El Salvador

For those who don’t follow my adventures, I am currently doing a road trip from Toronto, Canada to South America in my 1979 VW Hippie Van

hippie van man

I haven’t gotten geared up for a Developing Nations shoot until now. But the opportunity arose in Juayua, El Salvador, and I can’t wait to do more along the way.

I met these people after getting back from a hike to the local waterfalls. The people in these photos were running a food stand near where I had parked.