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Making Hippie Pants in Honduras

Last year while living in Thailand I decided to import a bunch of harem/alibaba style hippie pants back with me. After almost completely clearing out the 50+ pairs I had brought back, I decided to use the last couple pairs as samples to make new ones with.

I wasn’t in Asia anymore but I figured some skilled craftsman (or woman) could help me make some more awesome pants to spread around the Americas. Thanks to a friend in Honduras, I met Delcia. We picked out the materials together and she did a stellar job making the new pants based on the Thai styles I had.

While I was at Delcia’s shop, I took the opportunity to make some portraits for her family and a couple others who were hanging around.


All pants are available for sale on www.hippievanman.com/shop

First Developing Nations Shoot on My Pan-American Road Trip, Juayua, El Salvador

For those who don’t follow my adventures, I am currently doing a road trip from Toronto, Canada to South America in my 1979 VW Hippie Van

hippie van man

I haven’t gotten geared up for a Developing Nations shoot until now. But the opportunity arose in Juayua, El Salvador, and I can’t wait to do more along the way.

I met these people after getting back from a hike to the local waterfalls. The people in these photos were running a food stand near where I had parked.