Now have printing capabilities

I returned to Bangkok a few days ago after a couple weeks in Myanmar (Burma). Heavily motivated to get this project on it’s way, I made my way over to Pantip Electronics Mall.

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I was on a hunt for a Canon Selphy CP800, which apparently is a compact and durable, quality photo printer. After finding one shop with the printer but no ink/paper and another shop with ink/paper but no printer, I finally found a shop that had the whole package.


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How the project got its start

For those who don’t follow me on facebook, I am about three-and-a-half months into my Indo/South East Asia trip. After about two months in India and one month in Thailand, I now find myself in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

About two months ago I went to the cinema in Mumbai, India one night and saw the Hollywood movie, ‘Machine gun Preacher’. For those who haven’t seen it (I highly recommend you do), it’s based on a true story about a man who spent most of his life making all the wrong choices (crime, violence, etc). There was a turn of events that caused him to turn his life around and long story short, he ends up going to Africa to help protect and care for war orphans.


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Giving back by giving self-portrait prints