New photos from Barangay Bintuan plus Round Two in Coron, Philippines

A couple days after taking the last batch of photos just outside of Coron, Philippines. I went to drop off the prints. Upon doing so I met a lovely couple (who I hadn’t photographed previously) who invited me in for coffee. I had brought my portable photo printer with me so I made them a couple prints on the spot.

Earlier that day, before heading to drop off the prints, I did a little more exploring in a town near Coron called Barangay Bintuan, Philippines. As I mentioned I brought the portable printer with me and was able to shoot and print right on the spot. Here are the photos.

One thought on “New photos from Barangay Bintuan plus Round Two in Coron, Philippines”

  1. Aaron!

    What a wonderful thing to do! Big mama is proud of you.

    I promise to spread the word…

    Lots of love to you, and keep doing what you love most! I miss you, but i know we will meet again someday soon.

    Love, Jess & Frank

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