Discovering new aspects of the project

On a day trip outside of Battambang, Cambodia, I stumbled across a small village. The children seemed eager to take photos so I started snapping.

While I was processing the photos back at my hotel room, I started to think about the project. To this point it has consisted mainly of children and youth. I started thinking that maybe I need to also focus on the elders.

When I first got this project going, I got an email from a relative who shared a story about a friend who’s father had recently passed away. The friend and his family had only realized after the death that they had nearly no recent photos of his father and no photos at all with both his father and him.

Thinking back to this comment I got made me think that I should make a conscious effort to photograph parents and elders as well as youth while carrying out this project. A photo of a child’s parent is equally if not more important as a self portrait.

The next day I returned and handed out the prints to the children. Then I saw that some, who were not around on the first day, seemed a little disappointed and left out.

So I took there photos, as well as some of the elders that were around. I headed back to my hotel and printed those as well.


Check out the album here

2 thoughts on “Discovering new aspects of the project”

  1. I love what you are doing! I think that it is such a great idea!
    Wish you all the luck with your future endeavors!

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