Rantepao, Indonesia
Aug 2012 02

Earlier this week I was in a part of Indonesia known as Tana Toraja in Central Sulawesi. The town I was staying in was named Rantepao.

This area of Indonesia is rather remote and tricky to get to which means it doesn’t see nearly the number of tourists that places like Komodo and Bali see. However due to their fascinating funeral ceremonies and burial rituals, tourists and travelers do make a point of making the journey to visit this region.

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First round of shots from Indonesia
Jul 2012 26

If you have been following along with the blog, you will have noted that my last round of photos in Cebu, Philippines ended with the destruction of my portable photo printer.

After taking it to Canon Philippines and being told that they would not honor Canon Thailand’s (where I bought the printer) warranty, I had the printer shipped back to a friend in Bangkok and it is currently at Canon’s repair center there being fixed. Long story short without having the portable printer, the project has become a little more challenging and thus the lack of updates.

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BBQ Pork and a Broken Printer
Jun 2012 24

The city of Cebu is famous for having the best lechon (rotisserie BBQ’ed pork) in the Philippines, and maybe the world? While stopping to enjoy some traditional lechon, I decided to whip out my camera and printer and make some prints.

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Flat-tire leads to impromptu photoshoot in Argao, Philippines
Jun 2012 17

I was driving a motorbike back to Cebu after an overnight trip to Oslab, Philippines.

On the way back I got a flat tire and pulled off to get it patched. Since I had some time to kill while the shop was patching it, I pulled out my gear and took some portraits of the workers as well as some passer-by’s including some of their pets.
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New photos from Barangay Bintuan plus Round Two in Coron, Philippines
Jun 2012 07

A couple days after taking the last batch of photos just outside of Coron, Philippines. I went to drop off the prints. Upon doing so I met a lovely couple (who I hadn’t photographed previously) who invited me in for coffee. I had brought my portable photo printer with me so I made them a couple prints on the spot.

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