BBQ Pork and a Broken Printer

The city of Cebu is famous for having the best lechon (rotisserie BBQ’ed pork) in the Philippines, and maybe the world? While stopping to enjoy some traditional lechon, I decided to whip out my camera and printer and make some prints.

Unfortunately, one of the people whose photo was taken got a little too excited and tried pulling the picture out of the printer before it was ready. This caused a paper jam which ended up leading to the demise of my portable photo printer. Did this stop me from getting them their prints? Nope. I went to the local mall, got the remaining photos developed, and came back and dropped them off. They were truly excited to finally get their photos.

Upon taking the printer to an authorized Canon repair center, they told me it would cost 6000 Philippine Pesos (roughly $140 CAD) to fix it, as it was purchased in Thailand and Canon Philippines doesn’t honor foreign warranties (annoying!). Needless to say $140 is actually more than the unit cost to purchase in the first place. I have just sent it off to a friend in Bangkok and hopefully she will be able to take it to Canon there to have it repaired.

I’m off to Indonesia tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to continue with the project by finding photo developers in the various places I visit.


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