About The Developing Nations Project: Giving back by giving self-portrait prints to people in remote communities and developing regions.

What it’s all about and how it got its start

Developing Nations is a travel-photography project by photographer Aaron Neilson-Belman. During his year long backpacking adventure in South East Asia in 2012, Aaron was searching for a way to give back while traveling. Finally the idea came to him. Aaron wanted to photograph and provide prints to people in communities that might not otherwise have access or means to acquire photographs of themselves.

Growing up in the western world, it is easy to take photographs for granted. Most public schools have a yearly photo day where every student has a self portrait taken, with the opportunity to buy prints afterwards. In addition just about everyone has access to some sort of image capturing device be it mobile phone or digital camera and getting prints made is as simple as going around the corner to ones local photo shop.

For people in remote communities and developing nations, there is often a digital divide due to a lack of fiscal means, which makes it difficult for them to obtain photos of themselves and loved ones, let alone prints. Photos are by no means a necessity of life. However a photo can be a truly special and emotional keepsake that one can cherish for years. Whether to reflect upon the past, document ones development or share with friends and family, a photo can have many uses and carry a lot of meaning.

Read the full story here, of how Aaron came to the idea of the Developing Nations Project.

Giving back by giving self-portrait prints