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Aaron Neilson Belman portraitYou may have arrived here because you're interested in working with Aaron. You may have arrived out of sheer curiosity. Or you may have arrived simply by chance.

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Portrait of Aaron Neilson Belman

Aaron, a child of the 80s, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Flash-forward through 20-something years and he now has an Honors B.A. from the University of Toronto majoring in New Media & Urban Studies, the ability to grow facial hair, one year of hands-on technical training at Centennial College, the completion of various photography courses and a handful of life experience.

Education and training aside, why else might you want to hire Aaron?

Aaron has a positive and motivated attitude, great personal hygiene, an adaptable personality, superb time management skills and creativity oozing at the seams. Those all seem like excellent reasons to want to work with someone.

A Little More Info

Those who know Aaron best would probably describe him as a free spirit, which is pretty evident if you have ever seen him driving around in his 1979 Volkswagen love bus. He is a bit of a dreamer and loves philosophy.

Much of his youth was spent playing competitive soccer and other sports. His love for snowboarding has continued to be a major pastime in to his 20s. Aaron has a passion for travel, exploration and adventure, already having visited over 30 different countries. Although he was born a city boy, Aaron loves getting out of the urbanscape and back to nature, be it at a cottage, camping or going on hikes.

Want to know more? Why not invite Aaron out for a drink?

Founder of Crumbs

CrumbsAfter six-years of extensive travel, Aaron felt there was a digital tool missing from the exploration game. In July 2015 he formed the concept for a platform that would allow people to create, share and explore self-guided niche tours. Essentially a crowdsourcing platform for adventures.

Crumbs was born! By crowdsourcing unique atypical itineraries, the Crumbs community provides an alternative to standard tours and apps that focus on the same-old tourist attractions. Self-guided Crumbtrails translate into more convenience and flexibility. So sleep in, mosey about and feel free to diverge from “the plan”. Explore at your own pace!

Founding a start-up is no easy task. But with passion, determination, and the support of friends and family, just about anything is possible.

With Crumbs, Aaron hopes to change the way the World explores!

The Photographer

Toronto photograper Aaron Neilson Belman
You don't take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

The one thing Aaron is most passionate about (besides living life to the fullest) is photography.

Be it exploring and photographing abandoned buildings for the pure enjoyment of it or knocking out a solid shoot in order to satisfy a customers needs, Aaron loves creating photographs.

Creativity has always been his strong suit and it certainly comes out in his work. Aaron has experience with the following types of photography.

Developing Nations Project

developing nations photography project

In 2011 Aaron launched a non-profit travel photography project entitled: Developing Nations. Feel free to check it out here.


Below you will find a small selection of Aaron's work. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge.
To see more photos, please head over to Aaron's Photography Facebook Fan Page or his profile on Model Mayhem.

    Wedding Photography

  • Wedding Photography
    Toronto Wedding photography shoes
  • Wedding Photography
    Toronto Canada Wedding photography look of love
  • Wedding Photography
     Toronto Canada Wedding photography ring
  • Wedding Photography
     Toronto wedding photography invitations
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    Editorial Shoots

  • Commercial Shoot | MWL jewelry line
    Commercial photoshoot for MWL jewelry line
  • Creative Shoot | ANB Creative
    Toronto sunrise photoshoot fashion editorial
  • Editorial Shoot | ANB Creative
    Toronto sunrise photoshoot fashion editorial
  • Creative Shoot | ANB Creative
    Hide and seek Toronto creative shoot
  • Creative Shoot | ANB Creative
    Playing in puddles creative shoot Toronto
  • Editorial Shoot | ANB Creative
    Colombian beauty editorial photoshoot
  • Commercial Shoot | Cilque Silk Products
    Commercial shoot for Cilque Silk products
  • Creative Shoot | ANB Creative
    Creative portrait
  • Commercial Shoot | Verse Ten Apparel
    Commercial editorial shoot for Verse Ten Apparel Toronto
  • Creative Portrait | ANB Creative
    Creative portrait shoot
  • Commercial Shoot | Cilque Silk Products
    Commercial shoot for Cilque Silk products
  • Commercial Shoot | Santa Marta Surf
    Commercial shoot for Santa Marta surf camp
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    Travel Photography

  • Travel Photography | Amazon River
  • Travel Photography | City Lights
    Toronto night photography
  • Travel Photography | India
  • Travel Photography | Penguine
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Fullstack Web Developer / Project Manager

web developer

Aarons love for building and creating things probably started with his first Lego set many years ago. We have since entered the digital age and the market for Lego builders was simply too competitive. So Aaron took up web development as the next best option.

In addition to designing, Aaron is fluent in multiple coding languages including; HTML5, CSS3, PHP5 and has experience with; OsCommerce, Magento and Wordpress.

In order to serve more clients and scale his business, Aaron began hiring developers. Using his years of web development experience, Aaron shifted roles to manage multiple builds simultaneously.


Despite being a "NERD", Aaron also happens to be a very social guy.

Have a question? Want some info? Looking for a quote? Interested in purchasing one of Aarons photos? Want to collaborate? Or just need someone to talk to?

Feel free to shoot Aaron an email and he will get back to you as promptly as possible, usually within 24-business-hours.

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